Every once in awhile I make a plain one-coloured shirt and surmount it with a yoke made quilt-like from scrapes of previous projects.  These are the leftovers from shirts I have made for others. The yoke becomes a sort of encyclopedia or list or what I have done.

This way I get to wear a piece of shirt made for others, shirts I no longer have. I can look at the yoke are recall what I have done in life.

Some Spo-fans may recognize bits from previous posts, or even shirts they possess.

I am not so certain about this one. There is something I don’t quite like about it. The yoke turned out OK. It is the colour I suppose that isn’t agreeing with me. I was going to make the shirt fuchsia but decided to go with red as I don’t have one.

Oh well. Perhaps it will grow on me. At least the red matches my eyes.