Going to work involves a lot of packing. Looking at me loading the car you would think I was going somewhere for a long weekend. I have my briefcase, my gym bag, a lunch bag, the inter-office box (nicknamed “My Most Difficult Case”), and a beverage cup (thermos in the cool months; a plastic glass in summer).  The briefcase has patient files, paperwork, something to read, my pillbox, work keys, and what not.   I look and feel like the Ghost of Jacob Marley hauling this hoard around.

Needless to say, it’s a rare day when I remember to get everything right. There is always something left behind. The gym bag may be missing proper shoes or My Most Difficult Case is bereft of some charts I took home for homework.*

Today I overslept and forgot the gym bag and the lunch bag – a rare event to forget two things let alone major ones. Sometimes Someone will bring forgotten items to work for me. The Wonder Receptionist, who is used to this, still finds it funny; I dare say she and Someone swap sardonic stories about me as he drops off the keys, the Most Difficult Case, or whatever was neglected that day. Today’s major bungle I’ve interpreted as a sign from the gods I don’t have to go to the gym today, having gone regularly for the past several days. I may have subconsciously acted out by forgetting lunch as it is more leftover turkey and I am tired of it.  If I have time today I can run out and get something hot, cheap, and quick, like my men.

Lepers periodically do a something called a vital assessment survey (VAS) to make sure they haven’t injured themselves. I suppose I could a sort of VAS by making a little list to check off each morning to diminish lost objects.

Being a bit of a ditz runs runs in the family. I remember grandmother, who lived in a large house. As she aged, doing the stairs became a task only to do twice a day at most. She would try to ascertain she had everything she needed for the day before coming down the staircase. If she realized she had forgotten something, she would not go back upstairs but either go the day without it or buy a new one in town. Works for me.

*TMDC is also used to transport dirty dishes, lunch bags, and tea things.