020ec4a458325fd5f6ed2c43ba63d839The Other Michael is in town; he is well over four feet. Usually he tempts toward vice but this time (so far) he’s tempting me towards virtue. TOM is a runner. He is very good at it. He’s run marathons and makes good time. I’ve been contemplating running as an alternative exercise to elliptical and gym stairs so over dinner rather than a proper chin-wag I interviewed him on how to run. I felt such like Barbara Walters.

Urs Truly was a runner once a upon a time. I haven’t done so since High School. Nowadays I feel as fast and graceful as a parade float; I wonder if I can actually run at all. It would be nice to be in better shape and ‘have a goal’ as it were. I don’t fancy running a marathon but it would be nice to run a half-bit.  Some day.  Well Naples wasn’t re-built in a year. It’s always good to start at the beginning some wise woman said.

I have two nagging neurosis about this. I am notorious at starting things with great enthusiasm only to fizzle. I worry too there is a ‘proper’ way and doing something otherwise is wasting my time. TOM tells me there are instruction books with “recipes” as it were on how to get going and what to do (I do like structure). However his advice is a simple: put on your shoes at get going. I can do that.

As Edina Monsoon says: “Oh darling, if it were that simple, every one would do it” .

Phoenix has bad air and it is worse in winter. The inchoation may have bad timing viz. getting in shape now is correlated with cold air and COPD. In my neighborhood are several’ washes’. They have lovely trails sans traffic (that means without) provided I run in the day so I don’t trip or encounter javelinas I should do OK.

Today is Sunday and Someone is working: I am in charge of entertaining TOM. I doubt we will run, but we will share a cup of coffee (rubbish I fear) and contemplate the day. Perhaps there will be vice to counteract all this virtue. Balance is the key to life – including running.

He’s no fun. he falls right over.