Note: this entry has been held up for some time by The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections as they can’t make up their minds if it is clean or even what it means. Dry, tongue-in-cheek humor often bewilders them; they see it as truth when it is parody.  It finally got the ‘OK” as it is Krampusnacht.  They figure if it is naughty I will be hauled away in a wicker basket.

It is quite frustrating to have a high desire for reading without much time or outlets to do so. It is sort of like being a perfectionist who can’t get anything right. Yesterday The Other Michael suggested we go to the library to read some books. This sounded jolly good fun for I haven’t been to the local library in ages. Alas, after our strenuous 1.5 hour-long hike and lunch we sank like rocks and took long naps rather. No books were read, alas.

I miss leisure reading. I have an app for downloading books (as it were) but who has the time for that. On occasion a young bibliophile says hello via the app and wants to know what I like to read and would I be interested in loaning him some literature. Alas what these youngsters like to read sounds mostly rubbish and they never have compatible times or proper places one could go to read in peace. The fact I like Dickens scares them away

The Other Michael is an avid reader; it is enjoyable to hear what he is reading these days. All I get these days are my medical journals. I have a Kindle which allows me to read a bit when I am by myself. I read exciting things others are doing and I dream of writing something similar.

I am not a picky reader; all reading is a pleasure. I enjoy a variety of reads from lofty novels to cheap penny-dreadfuls. I enjoy old classics and contemporary literature. I hope to do a lot more reading in the new year.