Hohoho it’s time to get out the Christmas dishes.

Someone is fond of china of which we have plenty. We have a combination of ‘his’ and ‘his’ and ‘ours’ and several inheritances from dead aunts as the daughters/daughters-in-law didn’t want them. Once upon a time we had a set of Christmas dishes from Someone’s sister. The collection had a plain white pattern with discreet holly berries. I was quite fond of it. Alas, it made Someone aghast with embarrassment. It was Corelle-ware, which was NQOCD*.  It had to go.


radko%20bio  In our house Someone is China-master (meaning ‘the man in charge of that sort of thing’). He replenished the empty Christmas cupboards with a new set of dishes made by a fellow named Christopher Radko. The portraits of Mr. Radko on the boxes convey he is just the sort of fellow one would trust to design fabulous holiday chinaware. I bet his wife is thrilled.

We have two sets of Mr. Radko’s dishes: one has a very busy tree loaded with prizes and the other one with a large red ornament which I mistook for a beet when I first saw it. There is a serving tray, a gravy boat, and enough cups and saucers to serve tea to an emerging new nation.

We don’t entertain much, so I’ve questioned the ‘need’ for so many sets of china. The two of us use two place setting’s worth of Christmas china for our holiday meal – if we have a Christmas dinner at all – so why do we need a setting for twelve?  Why have all these patterns anyway?  I’ve learned not to question the ‘need’ for china. Someone points out ‘Why do you “need” four dozen Spo-shirts and keep making more?” Touche and well said. Sometimes we don’t ‘need’ things but merely want them. It is a pleasure to run my fingers over the shirts tops as they hang in the closet and count my collection. I suspect Someone would do the same with the dinner and salad plates if they weren’t so carefully packed away in their cupboards.

So – it is out with the Radko glasses and tea cups and hohoho it for a while. Time to make some gravy if only to use the precious gravy boat.

Just be careful: Mr. Radko’s dishes are more delicate than Mr. Corelle’s.



*Not Quite Our Class, Darling.