The Other Michael seems to be having a good week’s visit. He is well over four feet.  Tonight we go to happy hour. Afterwards we may go prowling about town as it were. Or maybe not. Scurrilous Spo-fans will have to wait for the details.

Someone is an usher/usher captain and it is high-holy-days for holiday shows. I doubt I will see him much as he works nearly every night this month. The local ballet company is doing “The Nutcracker” ad nauseum.

Speaking of sugar plums, I’ve ordered some for a Christmas treat. Has anyone ever eaten sugar plums? It will be a new experience for me. These delicacies are frightfully expensive.  The sweet talking saleslady at Zingermans got me to also buy some fabulous goat gouda – very proper cheese indeed. I hope the Spo-clan appreciates these imperial tid-bits.

Someone and I are playing the annual game of how long we can go before turning on the heat. At night the house gets downright chilly. The appliances and lights generate just enough heat (or the illusion of such) to keep us two tightwads ‘winning’ for a little longer. At night Harper and Someone cuddle close. Dogs make very good hot water bottles. For my warmth I have a king-size-titanic-unsinkable-Molly-Brown white terry robe in which I cocoon burrito-like to keep warm and snug.

It doesn’t look like we will have time to decorate or put up a tree. This will be the first year without such. The void makes Christmas feel like it is not happening. One nice thing about “No time to do anything” : neither one of us are eating much, so I am losing weight during the holidays. How many can boast that?

This Christmas needs stocking stuffers for seventeen Spos. The notion of that many relations under one roof, high off sugar plums and goat gouda, makes my eyes cross. Rather than toys or sweets for the stockings I may distribute Rx:

Sig:  Ritalin 20mg one # 60   1 tablet PO BID PRN. 

That will make a merry little Christmas indeed.