I have just finished the quiet satisfactory task of sewing up my bathrobe. The hanging loop snapped off; it pulled out from the seam preventing further hang ups on hooks. It was a nice feeling knowing I could fix this. I don’t see the disrepair as a sign the robe’s time had come. I can hang it up again and wear it some more.

My holy (or is that holey?) robe is a heavy white terry type, warm and remarkable. It is so old I don’t remember when I bought it. It’s gotten a bit dog-haired over the years. I’m surprised the robe has lasted as long as it has. The bright white colour has faded to a lesser tint from continual wearings and washings.

Like a lot of men with favorite old clothes, I like to keep them rather than replacing them. In Phoenix I don’t use it much, so it’s use now has an element of Christmas-time.

In it I imagine myself as someone else. I am not Urs Truly but Eloise, wrapped up in Plaza Hotel towels or I am a monk from some sort of sensuous monastery. Or perhaps I am Thomas Covenant The Unbeliever with a few more fingers. Stone and Sea are deep with life……

There is nothing more toasty as being wrapped up burrito-like in a short thick terry bathrobe while drinking hot cocoa or tea. My tootsies lose heat an an enormous clip these days, so a pair of heavy wooly socks completes the cozy scenario.

I am curious to hear from Spo-fans if they have a favorite robe, sweatshirt, or slippers etc. they won’t give up as they love it so.