Every December I am keen to write a Winter Solstice post. On the darkest day of the year (at least in these parts) I sit in the glow of candles to commemorate the nadir of Light. It is a clear night; the winter constellations are burning bright as beacons. It is also quite quiet; the only sound I hear is a distant coyote call.

When I lived in the Midwest The Winter Solstice marked the pending dark cold days of January and the slow return of warmth and daylight. Solstice portends the time of waiting; it is a time to stay in, keep warm, and feel a standstill. If I could I would enter into hibernation.

Alas, this year the turning of the earth in its orbit portends ominous events. This time the spring’s arrival doesn’t feel so jolly. Like a lot of people living in the States I am anxious about the future.  he expression “Winter is Coming” from The Game of Thrones takes on meaning in 2017.

The main lesson of The Solstice the promise despite The Darkness The Light will return. We have to endure somehow and not succumb to despair for someday – maybe not as soon as we would like – things will be better. Cycles continue.

So, on this particular Solstice I pause in The Darkness to wish you well . May The Light  soon return to bring clarity, nurturance, and Truth – all to shine away the doleful and despairing Darkness.