Christmas Prizes.

We leave tomorrow for Christmas in Michigan with my relations. Someone and I will do our holiday hohohoing when we get back. We are postponing prize-exchange until New Year’s Eve. At first this was because of ‘No time to do things properly’ but last night he disclosed he wants a delay as he doesn’t know what to get me. My vague, unhelpful “Imperial tid-bits and a bottle of bourbon’ suggestion is not specific enough.

It does inspire a blog-post.

For munificent Spo-fans interested in sending Urs Truly a New Year’s Eve prize, here are some ideas:


  1. I will leave this intentionally blank lest my family be reading this.

2. A king-size-titanic-unsinkable-Molly-Brown bag of potato chips with onion dip.

3. A three-handled moss-covered family gredunza (red or blue).

4. Jack Gyllenhaal


5. Unnecessary Plastic Objects

6. A totem pole (well over four feet).


7. Tickets to see Patsy Kline*

8. Pancakes Barbara.

9. A Canadian passport (in case of a quick exit)

10. A new pair of Talaria sandals.

11. Pulchritude Powder (lots).

12. The CD collection of “An Orchestra of Scorched Cats”.


13. Jelly Babies, Gummi-bears, and other rubber-based sweets.

14. Pol Roger (NV is OK)

15. “Mike” from List25 for twenty-five items at my discretion.


16. End of Poverty.

17. World Peace.

18. Good Will towards Man.

19. A pony.





*Yes I know she is dead but it’s worth it.