Oh what a whirlwind of winter wonders! 


Since we landed in MI (Land of perpetual snow and ice) it has been non-stop family and non-stop eating. I feel a bloated-goat, which is apropos as The Bloated Goat Saloon is just down the road.


Princess-Goddess and Posthumous Thomas.

My niblings are little blondies just like their parents. PG took me on a tour of chicken coop, in which reside six chickens. I got to hold one – for a few seconds. “The Cheat’ wasn’t too happy being held.


Brother #4 (who is a hunter) supplied for our nibbles his homemade venison sausage. It was my first time eating venison. It was very good although I felt guilty eating Bambi.

Christmas is rawther carnivorous.


Brother #3 (who is well over four feet) provided quality scotch. No rubbish indeed!


For nostalgia sake we had lunch at Olga’s Restaurant. I haven’t ate here since the 80s. The food is exactly the same, which was good. There is nothing so comforting as eating food unaltered since your youth.


Brother #4 also took us to his neighborhood brewery, where this fine fellow resides. There are three boar heads in the Spo Family Coat of Arms.  We sang “The Boars Head Carol” in E-flat.

Now we are in GPW with P&M. Last night by popular demand we made over one hundred  gingerbread cookies. Someone and I slept in the Keifer room.  We had visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads* except we have the real thing.  They will be another “first time for me” imperial tid-bit.


It’s Christmas Eve Day. Today the rest of the relations arrive. There will be ~ 18 of us this weekend, many of them with dogs and children under 7yo. Oh the joy; oh the pain.  No Silent Night here.



*I also dreamt of this very handsome Chinese man. It was the Wan Kow Carryout dinner that did it.  I had Kung Pao; Someone had Moo Shoo.  Mother always gets Chop Suey, dull as plainsong.