Come into my mind and see what happens when I get writer’s block…… Journal writing

The Drama Personae or The Archetypes of Writing


Spo. He’s the imitator of Boz, the pen name for Charles Dickens. Spo wants to emulate the great writers of history. Erudite literature is what he strives to create.

David Barry Jr. He is the clown in my cranium. He wants “them rolling in the aisles as it were”.   If this means dropping his pants or letting a loud fart (in UK called ‘a trump’) he’s for it.

Sammy Sycophant.  He grovels for comments and visitors. If it brings in the readers he’s all for it, even if it is rubbish.  He’s sometimes referred to as The Whore of WordPress.

Tiberius II.  This licentious miscreant wants to write profligate prose.  He’s kept chained up but occasionally  he breaks free.

Darryl Dimwit – Bless his heart, all his ideas are really repeats of things already written or (worse) ideas he’s picked up from others but he hasn’t connected the dots what he is writing is not his own.  He’s not a plagiarist; he’s a thick as two planks.

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections – These Nordic rascals act as Super-ego, Time keeper, Whistle blower, and Referee. They assure what finally goes up here won’t draw the wrath of family, the APA, patients, and bosses.

TBDHSR – Lads, we need an entry. Now.

SPO – I was thinking of writing a treatise on the existential crisis facing the nation on the eve of a new year  –

T2 – Oh screw that nonsense. Do let’s write about that time The Writer was in that bar in Key West when he met that man with the enormous –

DD – Didn’t we do that already? I was thinking of posting something new, like photos of handsome hirsute types and calling it Beard of the Day.

DBJ – only if it’s with women. I think we could turn it into a run-on gag about hormone replacement therapy.

SS – Fellers, have you noticed the number of visitors is down?  Dropping like paralyzed pigeons. We need to post another tearful self-disclosure of some sort of inner fear. Pick something, anything so long as it is vulnerable and doleful. That always works for the sympathy comment.

T2 – And guaranteed to bore them to tears. What Spo-fans want it is filth. Let’s write about The Writer’s stable of Scruff-hoes.

TBDHSR – (in chorus) Sooner we eat rats in Tewkesbury !

DBJ – Well if we turned it into a farce and change the names and claim it isn’t real ….

SS – hmmm.  Filth sells. It would certainly hike the ratings. Afterwards we could write an apology and double our winnings.

SPO – Listen to you the lot of you!  How is Spo-reflections to be taken seriously if we don’t watch what’s written for posterity sake?

DD – “Walking the dog” is always good!

SPO, DBJ, SS and T2 (resembling an orchestra or scorched cats) – OH G-d NO!

T2 – (whispering to SPO) Sexual escapades disguised as ‘fiction’ may work to get it past those Nordic numbskulls.

DBJ – (who overheard this) It could be funny if we hang a hat on it. Or cha-cha heels. that always gets a yuck.

DD – Perhaps we can do it next Monday and call it Mercoledi Monday or a My Music Monday?

TBDHSR – is that dirty?

T2 – No. Unless it’s a soundtrack to the home videos The Writer made last year when he had a wee droppy too much.

SS – nor is that likely to bring in comments

SPO – Look I have a lot of marvelous ideas –

DBJ – and dangling modifiers.

T2 – Eh? I like the sound of dangling modifiers. Can we include photos?

TBDHSR – Sh-t! at this rate we are not going to meet our deadline.

SS – and ratings will drop!

SPO – vissi d’arte

DBJ – With time running out I make the motion to post the minutes of this meeting. After all I wrote it

DD – And I don’t think we’ve done it before. Perhaps if it brings in enough comments we could do it again sometime.

TBDHSR – (looking like they could use a stiff drink) Well, bezerkers can’t be choosers. We approve. Just don’t post no photos.

T2 – not even of the one in which The Writer has no pants?

DBJ – And yes I said yes I will yes!

SPO – hey, that’s my line!