This morning while having my morning cup over the ever-growing list of new year resolutions* I wondered what sort of ‘last entry’ would I write to tuck 2016 into its grave. I couldn’t come up with anything (Muses being away in Times Square) so I watched my youtube subscriptions.

In them I stumbled across a series of posts about a new set of spectacles somehow allowing people with certain types of colour-blindness to see colours. The videos show people putting on/off their glasses in astonishment, discerning greens and reds for what they actually are. They had a mixture of emotions mostly joy and astonishment. Many got tearful.

I don’t often tear up but I did for this. Why is that? It touched me in an area I find marvelous: the awakening of consciousness from something dreary (as symbolized by bland low colour) into a higher level of being as illustrated with bright bold hues. As is often the case, when someone ‘awakes’ this transformation brings the same emotions seen in these videos.  Is there anything so numinous as the realization your “reality” has taken a metamorphoses to reveal a state of being only dreamed of but now true, truthful, and liberating? I can think of little like it.

The next four years portend a move in the opposite direction. Thems in charge will want us to remove our glasses and see things less clear or colorful. Indeed, there will be pressure to lose consciousness and become thoughtless sheep (apparently who only see shades of gray).

Do not do so. Sleepers wake. Put on your new spectacles. Look around and see what is.

May 2017 brings great growth to all Spo-fans so they too shall see the kelly greens and cherry reds of Life.


*15 so far. Oh the pain. Who knew there was so much to improve?