77f91a44452af58f71ccab2ce8d27a44Someone likes to go to the movies, especially on days-off and holidays. Today was no exception. The poor fellow is saddled with Urs Truly who is very fussy about film. He will watch anything while I am like an orthorexic with several food allergies. Quick movements on screen and fast scene changes make me car-sick. I don’t care for violence and ‘anything that reminds me too much of work” (human foibles). So you can see this doesn’t leave me much.  Disney cartoons mostly.

We went today to see Rogue One, an IMAX experience with 3-D spectacles. Happily I did not heave, which is good as we were in the middle or a near-full theatre. I’ve learned to keep my eyes closed during the coming attractions.

It’s been awhile since I saw “Star Wars” so I was worried I wouldn’t remember the drama personae, but other than some cameo appearances of recognizable old characters there were none to fret about. I managed to mix up the martyred scientist with the nasty fellow in the white cape who resembled Prince Charming from hell. I didn’t bother to learn names; I figured they were all going to be toast anyway.

I’m the type of sci-fi comicbook-based movie-goer who can suspend reality for the sake of the fun but only so far. I can think it is possible to hear rocket roars and large orchestras music in space; I can swallow the notion of a blind man fighting like a ninja. But then have an impasse at something such as when the rebels quickly turned up to support the heroes who were trying to steal blueprints or something. I wondered how on earth did they get there so quickly. Like Santa Claus going down everyone’s chimney in one night, it is best not to think about the logistics of these films.

I enjoyed watching Mr. Skywalker’s old friends shoot each other up and smash the architecture, but I worried so about the planetary environment and architectural preservation (several old temples got blown up good). My biggest beef was how did C3PO and R2D2 manage to hop about all the sequels. I must consult my niblings who no doubt know this stuff.

Rogue One seemed to fit quite nicely like a jigsaw puzzle with the Stars Wars Original or IV or 1 or whatever we are calling it these days. I wonder too if they can/will make others. If they do I’m sure Someone will take me to see it some holiday in a galaxy far far away.