insanityI want to apologize to Spo-fans who are receiving batches of old entries. I’ve been going through my blog tidying up typos and dangling modifiers etc. prior to publishing my blog in book form. I wasn’t aware every time I edit an entry it gets released as ‘new post’. I am considering publishing the tome ‘as is’ to avoid annoying Spo-fans. On the other hand, seeing grammar mistakes etc. in print may drive me to distraction. I haven’t decided which route to go.

Publishing my blog is one of seventeen New Year Resolutions. Some of these are not resolutions so much as projects. The two main resolutions are to minimalize possessions (danshari) and learn Spanish. Yo soy un hombre; yo bebe tea con leche. It’s as start.

Every New Year I weigh myself; my weight is the same as 1/1/16: 79kg. I can’t determine if this is good or bad. I suspect the weight remained constant while the body percentage changed, and not to the better. I went to the gym yesterday which was crowded with people who made New Year’s resolutions or trying to reverse holiday consumption. Palm Springs is next month. I want to look good in my bathing suit (or out of it).

On a similar note, Someone and I received a lot of imperial tid-bits and sweets at Christmas time. We put them all in a box and closed it with heavy tape with “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL PALM SPRINGS”.  We shall see.

I start my next batch of shirts, including Todd’s train shirt alteration. Last year I bought a pattern with lobsters, as a memento of my trip to PEI. Working with straight-lined patterns requires more precision and more staring. The tiny bold lobsters are giving me headaches and I’m having bits of bad dreams being pursued by crustaceans. Oh the horror.