One of the many pleasures of going home last holiday was rummaging through various boxes and drawers trying to find something only to find something else. The Brothers Spo discovered all sorts of sundries and bricolages that haven’t seen daylight in decades. Perhaps you have found similar; ancient things that immediate evoke instant memories when discovered even though you’ve forgotten all about them.

When Brother #2 and I were boys, our grandparents would traveled and when they returned they brought us hats, kimonos, helmets, and other wearing apparel. I remember receiving a bullfight costume from Spain, a Chinese get up that no proper 1960s Communist would be caught wearing, and fezzes from Morrocco.*

My favorite found were the Bavarian hats brought to us from a trip to Munich. We had a look-see in the family photo album and lo! There they was the original! :


Mein Bruder und ich in unseren Hüten.

There is nothing more amusing than donning chapeaus that haven’t seen daylight for nearly fifty years. They gave us great pleasure to wear.

Alas, we couldn’t find the lederhosen, which is a pity, but perhaps for the best. I daresay they wouldn’t fit anymore.


Mein Bruder und ich JETZT in unseren Hüten.  

Viel Spannend!**

*When the fezzes were pulled out of their boxes, the nephew’s eyes widened with the radiance of a brilliant sunrise. They each took one home on the axiom “Fezzes are cool”. I dare say they thought these the best Christmas presents, surpassing all others – including the Spo-shirts I made them.

**That’s German for Jolly good fun !