264402The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections sent an email remonstrating the last few entries have been too serious and too morose – and this is coming from Scandinavians no less! These ersatz suzerains dictated I write something fatuous or they will hang me upside-down over a nest of hungry rats from Tewkesbury until I cheer up. It is a great challenge to be jovial under threat of bodily harm and on the eve of Jim Kong-Trump taking office, but I shall do my best. Here are a few items to make you smile – I hope.  Keep in mind I may be fed to ravenous rodents if the comment don’t support Spo-fans are rolling in the aisles.

thMy “Learn Spanish” app tells me after two weeks of words I am now ‘1.5% proficient”. Really now. I’ve barely memorized the primary colours, several animals, a few verbs, and some formal expressions the Spanish-speaking staff at work assure me nobody uses. The secretaries are too sweet, too polite to tell me what comes out of my mouth sounds deplorable and/or incorrect.  My favorite Spanish expressions so far: “Aviso, vacas!”,  “Necesito mas te!” and the Spanish equivalent for “Do you want to come to my place bouncy bouncy”.

tht3zhaw3g  I made rice! I got a rice cooker at Christmas and I am pleased as punch. I’ve never been able to make rice without it coming out as soggy or kexy. I used Jasmine rice, crossed my fingers, and lo! The rice came out OK!  Unfortunately there is enough to supply a popular sushi restaurant for a week.  I hope the second batch is less, although I will have to wait a long time before more rice is needed or even wanted.

Harper 9 (1)Last Sunday I decided the house needed desperate cleaning, so I put up as much furniture as I could lift to tidy up. I don’t recall when last I had a proper sweep, but it must have been a long while for I gathered up enough dog hair to stuff a small pillow. I gave a severe talking-to Harper, who didn’t bother to wake from her nap to listen to my remonstration. No more treats for this miscreant. She gets rice.

thjx9v5cmy“Project Danshari”* is being undermined by inanimate objects creeping into the house a bit faster than I can purge their predecessors. Unnecessary plastic objects seem to be multiplying in the cupboard drawers and desk tops. I suspect Nargles. I am hell-bent on tossing out something on a daily basis. Sunday was dog hair; Monday was three-week-old leftovers from the back of the fridge. Tuesday may be ‘rice day’ and whatever I discover next in the desk top.



*Oh go look the word up why don’t you.