For the past two months and more I’ve been peeling patients off the ceiling in their anger, shock, grief, and anxiety about the incoming/now president Kim Jong-Trump. They turn to me for advice and answers –  and Valium – for help in this deemed dark drama.  My first proclivity is to answer ‘How the ** should I know. I feel the same way!”.  However, it is not impossible to give counsel and support when one feels similar.

I thought I would pass on a few things my patients find helpful – and a few I have found helpful from my patients.


It was Martin Luther or Thomas Moore (or both) who said the devil cannot abide being mocked. Arguments, anger, logic and reason are all no good with Hair Furor. The chink in his armor is laughter. He cannot abide feeling he is being laughed at.  Just witness his tirades after Saturday Night Live airs their weekly spoof.  Keep up with the laughter and satire.  If someone complains you are not giving Orange Julius/the office the respect he/it deserves, point out it is my first amendment right to do so and in the vein of how President Obama was treated.

Don’t become isolated

Wanting to crawl into a hole, hedgehog-like, appeals to the part in us that wants to avoid pain. There is support and power in comradely. In the “Harry Potter” books Luna gives Harry the sensible advice Voldemort probably wants him to feel cut off and isolated from others, as that way he won’t be much of a threat.

Remember History

What happens today is not likely to last; the pendulum of history swings from one side of politics to another. Bad leaders and nations come and go.

Keep in mind: Rome survived Nero.

Be active

Take political action; you can make a difference. Write, protest, hold your representatives accountable. Don’t just vent or whine on social media. Be active and be strong.

Get the facts

Speaking specifically about the Orangutan in the Office and his minions, focus on facts not emotions. When someone froths about something challenge them to prove it, quote their sources, etc. Truth wins in the end despite the past year’s events to make it seem otherwise.

And if all else fails:

Take the valium.   🙂