The Good Folks at WordPress inform me a person named Pearl Necklace is now following my blog, which totals 500. This is an honor. I thank Ms. Necklace and all who read my scribbles. I am pleased as punch. My inner literary parents, Charles Dickens and Alice Thomas Ellis, are proud of their boy other than when he dangles modifiers and forgets what he writes is something Mother had written already.

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections, never one to miss the black lining of any silver cloud, is fretful  now that I have enough followers to open a small country I need to ‘put out quality’ as it were. Measuring “quality” is a bit vague. I vituperated I must be something of ‘quality’ as I’ve managed to lure in 500 followers.  They admitted I had a point. All the same, please post something without too much palaver or too many pleonasms.

Alas, as I sit this Sunday morning and look around for tidbits upon which to create a composition, all I have is the vacuum cleaner, which is inutile at the moment. That sucks. I was hoping to tidy up today. These days the Spo-house appliances are in various attitudes of cooperation. The rice cooker is hit-and-miss while the crockpot remains intrepid and reliable. I am ready to throw the beard trimmer into the rubbish, for it doesn’t hold power anymore. Shouting imprecations at the devices does no good, and I daresay they are in cahoots, plotting outrages. I worry being monstrous to the mix-master will result in the office printer becoming indurate. Happily the Kindle isn’t being nasty although it needs charging if I can only find the proper cord to do so.

My 500 followers and their relations are free to leave in the comment section proposals for future entries, as well as questions for Urs Truly or just hellos nice to read this.  For every comment placed, a rat in Tewkesbury gets off from being eaten.