The Other Doctor called in sick today and The Wonder Receptionist is taking time off for a family matter, so things are a bit quiet here at the office. I sense the former’s absence will create ‘cover’ work, while the absence of the latter will mean the phone calls won’t get through. Today’s pharmaceutical lunch may be canceled due to lack of attendance. I will have to run out in mid-day traffic to find something to eat as quickly as possible between noon and 1230 in time to get back to the helm. For all my wool-gathering, I am never asleep at the switch.

The clinic has lost another potential new prescriber. For some time the bosses have been trying to get a 3rd doctor but no such luck. A physician or RN gets oh-so-close and then they bail. I am told this last one went a little off the deep end just before starting. Apparently she was appalled to learn part of the job of working with anxious or ADHD patients means sometimes prescribing controlled substance Rx. Worse, she has to cover her patient’s phone calls. It was probably good to find this out prior to her being on board.

I am clearing out my files of ‘clippings of interest’ and ‘patient resources’. In my field things come and go so quickly; last year’s research and recommendations may already be outdated. While it is exciting to be an ever-growing branch of Medicine, it is rawther difficult to keep up. Sometimes it is easier just to go to Youtube than read JAMA, which I read mainly for the lovely art history articles that illustrates the front covers.

I am practicing my Spanish lessons on the clerical staff. They are too polite to tell me my Spanish is god-awful, so getting feedback is faulty. My formal grammar is politely corrected to everyday vernacular, which I appreciate. I can’t seem to remember the who/what/where/why words but the swear words have landed safely into my lexicon. Cabron is my new favorite, probably because it isn’t clear to me what it means exactly.  For all I know I am getting the Spanish version of “The dirty Hungarian translation book”.