I am nearly done reading “100 years of solitude” and I just started reading “Game of Thrones’ but I think I will abort it for something that doesn’t have a lot of relations. I enjoyed ‘100’ but seven generations of family – nearly all of them named the same – left me confused. GOT looks worse.

The Spo family is large, complicated and multi-generational too but happily we are not fighting each other and we have (mostly) unique names, so it is easier to remember who is related to whom. I used to know all my relations but now that the younger ones have youngsters of their own I am lost. I’ve turned into one of those elders who has to ask if you Tim’s daughter or Rachel’s girl etc.

Many Spos are on Facebook, which is a nice way to keep in touch with the ‘so what’s happening in your life these days” enquiries. Recently some of the more conservative Spos have posted entries on gun control and give The Orangutan in the Oval Office a fair chance. I don’t touch them. One cousin responded in his conservative way to my friend’s liberal comment and in response she gave him quite the tongue-lashing, the type my family all wishes to give him but can’t.

Happily no one is estranged or has shot each other. We genuinely like each other despite some differences. Every November my mother’s cousins who live in Columbus, Ohio and thems who went to the proper school in Michigan have fierce battles.

Thinking about yesterday’s entry, I should send some emails to the cousins whom I haven’t heard from in a while and find out how they are doing. I have three sets of cousins, many over four feet: two on father’s side, and one on mother’s.  The maternal cousins are frequent fliers on FB so that’s covered.  My father’s brother’s children are available via texts and emails.  It is my father’s sister’s children with whom I don’t have a close relationship. They seem to be forever traveling and living the rich life.

Ah, family. If it weren’t for families I wouldn’t have a job.