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Both The Other Doctor and The Wonder Receptionist are not in this week, leaving Urs Truly to cover two practices and do a lot of scut-work himself. I’ve had no time for blogging. Last night I took time off to attend a production of “Julius Caesar”. The sales lady informed me the show would last 90 minutes and without an intermission. I asked if the actors would be talking in pressured speech or was this some sort of abridged version. Perhaps they were starting right with the stabbing?  It didn’t matter for as soon as the lights went down I quickly fell asleep only to be woken by gunshot. Although the play was done in togas and swords, Brutus did his coup de grace by whipping out a pistol and shooting Mr. Caesar in the stomach. What is it about AZ and guns? The first opera I saw in Phoenix was Carmen, in which Don Jose shot Carmen in the back as she walked away from him. It is a puzzle.

I see by the turn of the calendar page my annual winter holiday to Palm Springs (Land of decadence) is three weeks away. There is work to be done! I have to finish a promised shirt for DougT and one for myself. I can’t show up in last year’s designs lest there is talk. This morning I weighed 82 kilos which is up from 79 kilos on 1/1. I need to do something about this ASAP so as not to show up in California looking like a plumb.

My tarot card for February is the four of coins, which portends the warning to not spend money this month. Fat chance of that. There is a myriad of bills and house repairs to do. Someone is doing the taxes early, hoping for a return to help with the cash flow.

I am sad to report I have lost my latest Ring of Power. It was plain hematite so they are not valuable and easily replaced. I look at the bright side: this one lasted longer than usual. Hematite Rings of Power are usually broken or lost in no time. I don’t dare get a ring  of real worth for these reasons. Until I get to a tourist trap type shop I will have to be bereft. Happily I have retain one of my superpowers – my Attic wit and prose. 🙂



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