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I recently updated the tunes in the phone only to discover there is a lot of unheard music. There are several songs and albums purchased that became forgotten or unaddressed. When I want some music, I am turning to the tunes I’ve heard countless times before. Oh-oh. What is happening to my vows of ‘new and adventuresome over staid-old” and “open a new door every day”?  I am turning into an old person who slowly narrows down his ways and preferences. Soon I will one of The Ancient Ones who will only eat from three items and wears the same shirt despite having a full larder and wardrobe.

It’s a new month (rabbit!) ; it is a good time to do new and adventuresome things to expand my mind and world. I can start by listening to these un-played lovelies.  Some of them I don’t even recognize, which makes me wonder if Someone bought them or I am losing my memory.

I’ve learned the wisdom of putting down a book if it is not holding my interest, but music is more complicated. New music often makes me bristle slightly out of exposure to something unfamiliar. A few listens allow me to get over the ‘shock’ and focus on the lyrics, form, and nuances.  Music is challenging as I tend to put it on as background to other tasks. Familiar music compliment chores like Gouda and whisky.* In contrast novelty tunes distract and require my full attention. I have to make time to sit still, listen, and not do anything else to truly evaluate a new melody – and when do I have time for that?  I know a music critic who purposely puts on as background the music he is going to inspect. He plays it that way for a few times. Only then does he sits down with it ‘face to face’ as it were to truly listen to it.

There is no lack of tunes in the ITunes for me to inspect. The range is vast from Jethro Tull albums (the early years) to opera (La Rondine). There is even some goddess-diva albums of Kate Bush and Enya to encounter. If I stick to my resolve I won’t have to listen to anything familiar for a month.

After that I can work on reversing the dinner menu which has narrowed down to 3-4 quick dishes or Pei Wei carryout.


*Really. Try it sometime. It is the food of the gods – or at least the demi-gods.

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