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Whenever I need cheering up I go my Youtube collection of saved clips from movies guaranteed to make me smile. These tid-bits of comedy are eclectic and they have no rhyme nor reason to them. As the great philosopher Mr. Bo Burnham asks: “What’s funny?” and there is no answer really. There is no accounting for taste.  It’s funny (pun intended) what is funny often rests on human misery, injury, or confusion.

In desperate moods and times desperate measures must be taken. Dry satire and wit is amusing but isn’t strong enough medicine for more serious doldrums. What is needed is pie-in-the-face, drop-your-drawers bawdy humor, full of corny jokes and references to effluvia.

With that said I am not too ashamed to admit “The Three Stooges” do it for me every time. There is something awful (but absolutely hysterical) about Moe slapping Larry. If this sort of thing happened in real life I would be appalled. I am getting the giggles merely thinking about “Disorder in the Court”, a classic farce guaranteed to make me guffaw.

A pie in the puss is a perfect panacea. “What’s up, doc?” has a classic pie-fight for no good reason other than pie-fights are hilarious. This one is particularly choice for it takes place at a snotty cocktail party; the sophistos get their comeuppance.* Speaking of “What’s up, doc?” I start to squeal whenever the large glass plate is brought onto the car chase scene. Everybody instantly knows it is there for only one reason: to be smashed. It is merely a question of when and how. I shan’t spoil it. Go see it.

I think Monty Python has done more good for the treatment of depression than Prozac. There are too many examples from which to choose.  Many if not all the scenes from “Holy Grail” are sufficient to chase away the blues. Take half a sketch of “Castle Anthrax” and a full dose of “The Black Knight” every 8 hours as needed until you cheer up.

My medicine cabinet of movies isn’t all crude and rude. I have some more sophisticated remedies for melancholia. For thems unfamiliar with “Cabaret” this dark and disturbing film has within it a marvelously funny scene of a polite English lesson tea party devolving from pleasant conversation into a discussion on syphilis.

I am curious to hear from Spo-fans ‘what’s funny’ to you and what makes you smile.


*Again it brings up the point why on earth does a hoity-toity cocktail reception happens to have an endless supply of meringue pies on hand.


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