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Cup of tea

How delicious! I have a Sunday with hardly anything to do. I can certainly find things that want attention but none of them are pressing. I should to walk Harper and perhaps finish some prior-authorization forms for work, but that is about all that is required today of Urs Truly. Lovely. I am certainly not going to waste this day watching the silly-old Super Bowl. I don’t care tuppence about the television commercials, and I don’t root for either team. (1)  While the rest of the nation is participating in this orgy of noise and calories I will probably be reading.  A book; quiet; solitude; a cup of tea – I can not imagine anything more salutary. (2)

Last week marked the twentieth anniversary of managing to keep Someone in my life. We both worked that eventful day. so other than an acknowledgment of the event nothing was done about it. (3)  All the same, I find it amazing. Twenty years! Despite coming from stock that have long and happy marriages I still find it incredible anyone manages to stay together – at least Someone manages to stay with me. The irksome habits we had twenty years ago, the ones each thought the other would lose in time, have not gone away and they are still as irksome as ever.  I suspect mine bother him more than vice versa. (4) Sometimes we talk about formally getting hitched but this never materializes along with the doing a budget, writing the wills, and making long term plans/bucket lists. I fear Herr Furor’s GOP ronyons will soon make it illegal anyway.

While S is away today at work I think I will make a list of things we ought to do, starting with the mundane (house repairs) and ending with the profound (wills).  Or maybe not. Perhaps I will be just sit in my virtual inglenook and waste away the day. That does sound delicious – and no Super Bowel high-calorie rubbish either. After all, Palm Springs is a few week away and I need to look my best.


  1. I am told of the teams is The Patriots. I know this as a patient came in last week bedecked in such garb. I don’t know who is the other team. Probably not The Lions.

2. I can think of a few other things,  but there it is.

3. Actually he sent me 18 yellow roses; that was very sweet.

4. It’s his own fault really. If he had asked a few logical questions when he met me he would have put a healthy distance between himself and a man who a) can’t keep his things together and b) wants to give the world a paint-job in bright bold colours.

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