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thkuvav1vpShoot! I nearly forgot today is the anniversary of the blog!   This is year makes number eleven!  Hurrah for our side!

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections sent me a warm congratulations written in runes engraved on the skull. This makes eleven for my collection. Isn’t that sweet? The Muses and The Fates sent identical bow ties. I wonder if they did this on purpose. Imagine the following conversation: “Let’s send the same tie so he can return one of them and get one he really wants”.  The Fates sent a card; The Skanks sent a six pack of Coors (they splurged for the occasion).  The Norns didn’t send anything at all, as is their wont: they do not recognize any holidays other than Ragnorak.

I am pleased as punch at having made another year of blogging. I think I have run out of ideas and this isn’t worthwhile to continue only to have some notion drop on my head like the Wicked Witch of the East and off I go. I very much enjoy writing so I suspect Spo-Reflections will continue for an indefinite period of time.

Over the past year I have seen bloggers go and new ones arise. I am very glad to have discovered new Spo-fans; I am grateful for all of you.

There is no agenda to my peripatetic writings. Entries range from erudite instruction to farce. Blogging remains a marvelous journey and I am very glad you all will come along for the walk.



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