Blobby! Erik! I did it! I remembered to do ’12 on 12′!  It only took eleven years but I did it!

Spo-fans unfamiliar with ’12 on 12′ it is simple: twelve photos are taken throughout the day on the twelfth of the month.  12 February falls on Sunday this year, which is tidy-up and stay-at-home day.

This makes the photographs rather unexciting.


It is warm enough to open the front door and let in some air. 



Sunday is laundry and iron the shirts. Oh the pain. 



If I sit on the ottoman in the walk-in closet, Harper comes a-running with pleasures anticipated and eyes that ask: are we going for a walk? 



Here we are on patrol. Walks fall into two categories: ‘movement’ walks and ‘stop and sniff the shrubberies’ walks.  Today’s stroll was definitely in the latter camp. 



Sunday is crockpot cooking day. I am making beef vindaloo. Eight hours to go!



Oh my goodness! Guests are coming this weekend and we don’t have enough booze! Here is my shopping endeavor.  Details upon request. 



Oh-oh. This is not good. Not good at all. The pool has turned an emerald green. Someone will drain it this week and replenish with new water. 



While tidying up the backyard I was amazed to find these lovelies hanging on the neglected vines. I thought they were dead.  Homegrown tomatoes in February?



The Vindaloo was OK. 


IMG_4809 (1).jpg

















Every Sunday night I pack The Most Difficult Case with the weekend’s homework papers, chart notes, and clean tea cups and things. 



When in doubt, get horizontal.



I plan the workday wardrobe the night before so I don’t have to think about it at 530AM. Shall I pick one from the upper or the lower rack?