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Spo-fans are perhaps wondering if I feel any different for being married. Answer: not really.  Perhaps it is the allergies that are getting in the way. We’ve been hiking this week, exposing myself to desert winds and now I have a rather frequent cough and sniffles. I should probably just stay put at poolside and let the apricity of the February sunshine hit my tight chest and loosen things up. I have no lack of things to read and I haven’t touched my cryptic crosswords. That sounds a plan, that and an allergy pill.

The end of a Palm Spring holiday always makes me a bit pensive about where life is going to go afterwards. I don’t think I will get into any today, as it is early and I have not had my tea.  Besides the drive home is 4-5 hours* and there is nothing to do on the road but think deep thoughts about Life, The Universe, and Everything.

When on holiday I like to buy things; it is part of the vacation pleasure. These items are usually knick-knacks rather than major purchases.

I did not buy much this week however. I have some books and a new pill box, made of wood (bah to plastic!). Someone set severe limits on my desire to purchase yet another mug. Our kitchen bins are overflowing with coffee mugs already. However, we are out of soap at home, so I bought these lovelies:


I can not remember the last time I purchased any soap. At the end of a hotel stay  I wrap up the barely-used hotel-provided cakes and bring them home. I haven’t traveled much lately for we are fresh out. Now we have enough soap to clean The Aegean Stables. The bars are colorful, bulky, and produce a lovely lather – like my men. They all have interesting aromas so the nose gets a treat as well as my dirty backside.

After a year of utilitarian bathing these dear little soap cakes will make bathing a treat. I might even do so more than my usual once a month routine.


*Five hours if I drive; four hours if Someone does the driving.

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