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I apologize for the lull in postings. Upon returning to work I found the usual pile of papers and problems I see for being away for a week. There is nothing bad about it, it is merely time-consuming to get caught up.


Last weekend I was amazed I could not fit into my recently crafted Spo-shirt. Did it shrink?  This morning I got on the scale. To my horror I weighed 82kg, which is not good. This is the highest I’ve weighed in ages. I was 79kg at the start of the year. That’s diet that is. Time to diet – and just in time for Lent.

Despite being a doctor (and a closet nutritionist) I struggle with the all so common problem of willpower when it comes to food. When it comes to weight struggles, there is nothing unique about me. I rationalize. I allow myself exceptions to an austere intake. If food is there, I will eat it. I succumb to late night cravings.

So what’s to be done?  The answers are simple: I need to eat less, cut out bad foods, and exercise more. This is hardly glamorous or quick but it is the formula with the most data for working best in the long run.

Having made this pact with myself, the demons of diet are already flying in to lead me astray. At work some villain brought in bun-like objects as it is Shrove Tuesday or something. There is a container of leftover valentine candy. Their pink and white and yellow front have sinister sayings on them such as “EAT ME” and “YOU WANT THIS”. Oh the pain.

In March I may blog about my dieting efforts from time to time – much to the chagrin of The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections, who see such entries as poison at the box-office. But I know I will do better if I am held accountable by others.

Back to the usual zany and erudite entries anon…..

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