Leave it to The Board of Directors Here At Spo-reflections to turn a wonderful post into a problem. They were pleased with my last entry, but now they are in a swivet over what the next one will entail viz. how to keep up the momentum and comments. I say nerts to them. I don’t see blog-writing having the same goal as the gross national product. Some entries will be mawkish and even dull. It’s just that once in a while it pays off like a slot machine, that’s all.  I suspect the next few to be p.71.

It was certainly a dull and mawkish day here in The House of Spo. I  cleared out the pantry of things past their prime. I made crock-pot chicken Parisienne.[1] My Duolingo app informs me I am now 4% proficient in Spanish although I haven’t yet uttered a word to anyone other than to seek consultation with Maria and Lupe at the office if I have something right. [2]

All my dictation and prior authorization papers are complete. I ironed all the Spo-shirts from Palm Springs. I lead a dull life.

Did I tell you at work I finally got approved to write electronic prescriptions for controlled substances? This may not sound like much but it is a major milestone and a cause for celebration. Controlled Rx require patients continually calling for their next prescriptions and coming in to pick them up paper. Now I can wiz them over the ether to Walgreens. No paper! Patients don’t have to drive in each month!  Hurrah for our side!

Mind! Sending one of these suckers requires more passwords and numbers than a Dan Brown novel. But it will be worth it. I am looking forward to seeing if this frees up some time – or merely accelerates things like Lucy and the chocolates on the conveyor belt. [3]

I think something major happens this week but I can’t recall what it is. If it is important I suspect it will announce itself.

I need to contact Hector, who is Lawn-Master, to ask him to cut down the agave growing outside the garage. It is the size of Audrey II and just as inimical. I haven’t yet learned Spanish for hack that bastard to death. I fear I will come home from work to find the agave intact and the rest of the yard looking like it had been visited by a general who was given the green light on a scorched earth policy.  At least that would be a good blog entry, the type to assuage The Board.


[1] It lacked eclat.

[2] Usually no.

[3] My next project is figuring out how The Wonder Receptionist can do them too. As I am the only one with the token to complete the transaction, all these Rx have become my job, not hers. This may be a case of be careful what you wish for.