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Yesterday at the Mesa office I wrote a brilliant entry only to forget to post it before I left for the day. I seem to be doing this lot lately. Last weekend I had to drive to the Mesa office to pick up a file I had forgotten there, only to leave behind my glasses and phone charger cord. Oh the embarrassment.  It’s a rare day when I get to work having all my daily items. When this happens I blame it on my early-onset Alzheimers but Someone doesn’t buy it. He points out I was this way twenty years ago and it is no different. I guess being a ditz is better than having dementia.

This morning before leaving work I recalled it is Symphony Night (Beethoven #3) so I got out the proper tickets, pleased as punch. Not trusting my luck, I am now scrutinizing my things for was forgotten that balances my universe. So far I haven’t discovered what’s missing but it’s just a matter of time. Someone is ushering this evening at same symphony so if the lost or forgotten object is important enough I could contact him bring it. He is quite used to these types of emails, which start with “Could you be a muffin and bring my…….”

My cousin once upon a time sent me a pretty poem about forgetfulness but I can’t find it. Oh the irony. I’ve rummaged through my blog without success although I did find some other poems I had quite forgotten. I was dismayed to see I’ve blogged on forgetfulness before, many times. More irony.

It is a wonder I manage to accomplish anything.

On the postive I’ve managed to get to the age of fifty without horrible consequences of hummingbird brains. Someone should have asked a few logical questions when he met me. Now we are married and it is too late.

I am happy to report I have not lost my wedding ring.

P.S. I just realized I forgot to pack a lunch. I am disappointed and relieved. I feel an idiot but the consequence is I can order Chinese. The kung pao is especially good.

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