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Yesterday when I went out the front door to take the dog for a walk I found on the porch several ponderous piles of cooking magazines, looking like a box of kittens in need of a home. The Lovely Neighbor had brought them over during the night. Since her mother died she is cleaning house for a sale. I didn’t think she had any left. Spo-fans may recall a few years ago she brought over in a wheelbarrow several years issues of Bon Appetit and Gourmet for my hobby of collecting recipes for dishes I will allegedly someday make. Now I have a fresh bunch. A large bunch. They sit on the dining room table looking in need of inventory. In the past, whenever we went somewhere in the car, I would bring a few issues and skim them for attractive recipes. I would tear out the potentials and put them into my accordion file of ‘some day to try’ recipes.

This fresh pile of Cooks Illustrated and what not reminds me I’ve made little any progress making the recipes already established. I kid myself these are ‘for my retirement’. Even if I were to live long enough to achieve such nirvana I probably will be too decrepit to cook, or The Good Doctor will tell me I can’t have them in my old-man lo-cholesterol lo-fat lo-sodium lo-palatable diet.

The solution of course is to make them now. I should structure one day a week when I vow despite it being late and I’m too tired and gee doesn’t take-out sound good I will make a properly cooked dish. So be it.

They don’t have to be complicated, just new, tasty, and exciting – like my men.

Meanwhile, Urs Truly is working on making a cookbook of my own favorite recipes. These war-horses are scattered throughout my cookbook collection. I thought it would be convenient to have them all in one tome . Perhaps I can give copies of my culinary creation to my nearest and dearest who don’t cook anyway and when they do they look up recipes they do it on-line which is what we do ourselves.

Speaking of attempts at cooking, a few years ago I gave Someone a Great Course lecture series on such, which is mostly about how to dice things and manage not to overcook the fish and cutlets. It remains unwatched but I may dust them off and take a look-see myself. Perhaps I would be less timorous to cook if I knew how to handle knives and pans properly.

Sunday seems to be ‘crockpot’ day which I find nice for it feels a) like cooking and b) hardly any effort. You throw things in the pot and wait for 6-8 hours. Today’s endeavor is crockpot-chili, made with black beans and corn (Someone’s favorites). We will be eating off of this creation all week for I’ve managed to make enough to feed an army.  Still, there is a quiet satisfaction we are not just ordering Pei Wei and be done with it all.

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