250px-Triffidwynd Urs Truly has food poisoning – or something. I won’t go into the details. I would like to remonstrate for the past twenty-four hours I have seen fluids gush out of every opening and perhaps a few of which I wasn’t aware. Last night I got no sleep and I had to change often. It puzzles me where I got the nasty bug. Perhaps it was the salmon mousse. It could have been last night’s salad as Someone did not have any. Maybe it is the dreaded norovirus I picked up from rolling around with my niblings.  Tots are walking fonts of contagion, and like smallpox to the Indians I get ill most times I am exposed to them. Whatever the cause, it is nasty.  I should have stayed home today. I am not my usual self.

Needless to say I don’t have much to write other than I came home yesterday to see the large agave in front of the house is gone. The little green thing for outer space was charming when first planted but over time it evolved into Audrey III, taking over the sidewalk and driveway. Its sharp needle-like ends were scraping the car and (worse) people trying to get to the front door. I am not sure where Hector the groundskeeper put it. Rumor has it he moved the sinister succulent to another part of the yard. I need to have a look-see to know where it is located. I have a hunch in its newly uprooted state it will start to move toward the house in the night, triffid-like, ready to lash us in our beds and suck our blood. Plants in the Southwest are hardy bastards; they stop at nothing.

I should have told Hector to take it away or go make tequila out of it, rather than transplanting it out of sight where it can plot dastardly deeds. Alas, too late.

If I were to suddenly disappear from blog-land blame either dehydration or I’ve been consumed like Miracle-gro.