The recent meeting of The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections resembled an orchestra of scorched cats. They often do, but this one was particularly boisterous. The Board’s ‘chief complaint” was “an inconsistency of content” viz. one day I write erudite self-reflections only to follow up with comical rubbish. I am allegedly flitting about like a hummingbird and should ‘settle down’ (as it were) on a consistent ambience or prose.  I asked ‘which one” and this caused a crescendo of arguing, enough to adjourn the meeting early due to the many wounded and the lack of Tim-bits.  I guess I can post as my weathercock whims will take me.

Someone works all weekend at some sort of final four basketball nonsense. Based on his description of the festivities it’s no-way-Jose I am going downtown into the debacle. I’ve canceled Saturday night’s concert. Besides, I’ve had enough Beethoven #9 to last me a life time. The Spo-list of ‘Work to be done” is as long as a winter night in Moscow. The house is in desperate need of tidy-up and I am behind on my hobbies. I shall be quite the home-girl just not so stylish.

Tonight is the last night of a three part seminar on the history of American opera. It’s been jolly good fun and they provide cheese and crackers. The wine isn’t so good but the speaker is pleasant eye candy. He is enthusiastic about the topic and he seems genuinely interested in my questions which I try to keep intelligent. The other members of the audience are mostly asking questions either to show off their knowledge or whatever happened to Baby Jane inquiries. Tonight there is some discussion if Hamilton is the most important opera of the 21st century or even if it is an opera at all.  People actually come to blows over this sort of stuff. Oh the tedium. See you all at the next revival of “Figaro’s Wake”.