I recently wrote some hum-dinger entries but they went a-missing. I’ve looked in all the computers at work and at home but there is nary a sign of them. My ability to misplace things is notorious but this is the first time I’ve misplaced entries. Perhaps there is a new sort of fairy in my life: some nefarious imp erases things after I save them.   I suspect nargles.  Worse, I can’t remember the contents.  That’s the trouble with Goddess-Group Inc. They leave no paper trail to review when my mind snaps a tether.  I can either wait for a new theophany or put out an impromptu. This is one of the latter. I’ve learned on-the -wing writing often gives Spo-fans the most entertainment.

There is nothing much (if anything) planned for the month of April. In my youth I would see this as horrible; at fifty I am quite glad. Last weekend I felt the quiet satisfaction one gets from completing the ironing and having no laundry – temporarily. I have a long list of ‘work to be done’ chores to do. I’ve neglected my exercise; it is time to return to the gym. I seem to be forever doing this. Something gets in the way for regular attendance so I am always starting over again.

Speaking of shirts, I’ve promised several; it’s time to get cracking or I will miss some self-imposed deadlines. On Sunday last I began working on one for Laurent when I cut my finger on the rollerblade. I took it as a sign I ought not to continue, particularly as the bright red contrasts with the light blue/white stripes in the fabric. My index fingertip is healed but every time I press on it it lets me know there was a cut there. It’s curious to realize how often my index finger is utilized. I do hope it heals soon and the nargles return my entries. In the dull month of April I could use some inspiration.