The last entry and its comments got me thinking more about card games. No one seems to play them much anymore, more’s the pity. I never got the needed knack for the strategy necessary to be any good at them. Nevertheless I thought card games fun. Someone and I only rarely play at cards as he nearly always wins. I daresay it isn’t much fun for him. It’s like throwing darts into Jello there are no good hits.

Back in Michigan when we had friends we sometimes met with a couple who enjoyed Euchre. This game made my eyes cross as to the rules. The worse element of Euchre was 1/2 or 3/4 through the game the other three fellows would throw down their cards as they could all see who would get what without needing to play out the hands.

Cribbage was my metier, although I don’t remember the rules now. I remember it needed counting 15-1 and 15-2 and the pegs would leap over each other. What I most remember about cribbage is the term ‘being skunked’ which I have expanded to many situations.  Grandmother (the high priestess of cribbage) called Jacks “J-boys” which is another term I use liberally and not just at cards.

The official card game in the House of Spo is Spite and Malice. This is a sort of solitaire game played against a component. It has the element of blocking the other’s moves for the sheer pleasure to do so, hence the game’s name. This is another card game Someone beats me by a country mile, so what pleasure I get from playing it is derived at how many pins I can stick him as I go down in defeat.

I have a vague recall of playing Hearts. All my brothers play poker which is something I never got into, probably because everyone was so serious about it. I play cards ‘for fun’ which is anathema.

UnknownI remember from history class Winston Churchill played Bezique. Every time I reconsider learning how to play it I remember Bezique requires several decks and it has more score-keeping rules than the IRS tax form. I know no one who plays the game so I shouldn’t waste time learning. It would be like learning Basque and having none to speak with.

In a pinch I can tell fortunes with cards.

Our card packs come from Grand Canyon Park. They are illustrated by the local faun and have with the photos the genus/species names and fun facts. I’ve got to remember not to read these out loud as we play, as it gives away what I am holding.

Someday I may write about Uno and Sushi Go! which are most invidious.