man_covering_his_earsI’ve been thinking a lot lately about toxins. People used to be quite concerned about environmental pollution but nowadays there are more anxious about what goes into their food and drink. Sugar is looking more villainous by the day and its substitutes appear no better. These same people tend to be awfully fussy about their beliefs as to what is and isn’t injurious to their health. They abjure tap water but at the same time eat things loaded with chemicals.

Urs Truly is also suspicious as to what goes into his craw. I am trained to think like a scientist; I don’t want to succumb to pseudo-science or mass hysteria. I regularly read food labels for hidden sources of sugar and salt and funny sounding words more apt for a chemistry lab.

Someone and I are eating more ‘real food’ which is brought to us by the good folks at “Blue Apron”. We are often too tired or too lazy to shop and cook otherwise. It is nice to eat proper food in good portions; already our waistlines are diminishing from eating less rubbish from take-out joints.

Just as important, I am careful with what I watch and listen. I think news sites can be as detrimental to my health as too much saturated fat. I’ve put myself on a ‘media diet’ of careful portion control.  I’ve eliminated a few ‘toxic’ podcasts that seem to be designed to raise my blood pressure from all the outrages therein.*

So far I haven’t seen concrete evidence body and soul are better for abjuring aspartame and Huffington Post headlines, but it feels virtuous to do so. Next step: curtail the fusillade of advertisements that pop up like dandelions onto my Life’s lawn – if possible. The task sounds daunting if not feckless.

Perhaps I should just get me a bag of gummi-bears and go watch CNN.


*Fox News is a curious phenomenon. So far as I can tell its main job is to make up stuff and provide outrageous emotional ‘news’ to its viewers to get them rattled to get them into continuous viewing. I’ve never heard of a Fox News-watcher saying ‘Oh, I had to turn it off, it was all too much”.  It makes me wonder if thems who watch Fox are impervious to stress or are they on the quick road to a heart attack.