video-snapshot5  I had a half-baked erudite post on the topic of introversion vs. extroversion but then the allergy pill kicked in and it was getting a bit fuzzy on the screen so I dropped it. I woke this morning to a paroxysm of sneezes forcing me to take an Allegra during the daytime. It’s 5PM and I am a bit fuzzled.

The Lovely Neighbor is coming over for a simple supper, consisting of a crockpot concoction of chicken, cheese, chiles, and tomatoes all in the ubiquitous base of cream of mushroom soup. I will pour it over pasta, sprinkle on parsley, and call it supper. I sense TLN is not eating too well, what with being alone and packing up things for a pending house sale. I plan to feed her high calorie comfort food and a humble salad. She is bringing the bourbon. Between the booze and the antihistamine I should be cold as a mackerel and passed out by eight. In my youth I thought going to bed early on Saturday was a sign of serious social problems, but not anymore. I am happy to have reached the age where the night is for sleep.

Someone is working of course but he doesn’t do so tomorrow. We need to pinpoint down our summer plans (if any) in order to get time off far enough ahead of time to not cause too much upset at our jobs.  It doesn’t count as a ‘summer’ but there is a medical conference in September in New Orleans I very much would like to attend, provided it is not the same weekend of a hurricane. But that is months away.  Meanwhile there is summer to attend. I want as much time out of Phoenix as possible.

Aaron, the pool man (whose last name escapes me) is doing a splendid job at renovating the pool. The water looks limpid and there is no more morass on the bottom. The pool remains a worrisome shade of green but Aaron (clever fellow!) vows that will be soon gone. I have yet to meet the man; we communicate via texts and he shows up when I am not at home. This makes him a sort aquatic Santa Claus. I got into the pool today for a short period of time and it wasn’t too bad, the parts in the sunshine. It was a pleasure ‘to be’ in the cement pond, rather than moving around trying to tidy it up.

P.S. We had a lovely dinner,  TLN and I. We both judged the crockpot chicken spaghetti a success; we ate it with relish.  We also had pomegranate juleps. Needless to say I am wishing Spo-fans a good night and sweet dream of waterfalls and ice cream.. ..