I seem to be in a dry period. Nothing important or entertaining leaps to mind at the moment. It’s Sunday and while there is work to be done none of it feels pressing. I sit here at the office computer with nothing to write upon. It is usually about now in mindless typing when a quiet theophany enters my mind and lo! Off and running I go to compose an amazing entry full of laughs and insights.

No such luck.

Perhaps my allergies have something to do with it. It’s been a horrid week for such. I don’t know what is worse: the allergy symptoms or the medications for them. I am choosing the latter. I feel both sleepy and restless from the antihistamine/decongestants but at least I am not sneezing. Allergy sneezes are noteworthy for their hurricane-like velocities. I could blow away small children with them. Being zapped by Zyrtec is important later on for I plan to sit outdoors to and try to sit still and read, if possible.

Speaking of reading, does anyone know 20th century Spanish history? I just finished a read on my kindle. After I concluded  the horrific but fascinating chapter on Franco and the Spanish civil wars, I turned the page only to find the book was done. What? Somehow that mess evolved into the happy land I see in Mitchell is Moving and I want to know how it happened. I feel cheated.  That’s the trouble with Kindle-books: it is hard to see the end of a book sneak up on you.

Between now and evening with its outside reading with its pomegranate julep* I hope to work on some shirts, read blogs, advance my cookbook, and edit a few more blog entries. Night will be here before I know it. There is nothing like indolent past times to make time go quick as boiled asparagus.   I hope Spo-fans have a pleasant enough Sunday.  Come back tomorrow when I have something more substantial, why don’t you.




*Pomegranate julep

Bulleit Bourbon (or any good bourbon no rubbish)

Luxardo Maraschino Cherry Liqueur

Pomegranate Molasses or juice

Vernors Ginger Ale.

Using an iced shaker shaped like a penguin add ~ equal parts bourbon and Vernors. Add a few tablespoons of pomegranate juice. Add a swig of the cherry liqueur.  Serve either on the rocks, or in a chilled martini glass. Experiment with the ingredient ratios until you find what suits your people.  Garnish with a Benadryl or Allegra tablet. Enjoy.