My stomach hurts and I am too tired to think of anything interesting.   Until I can think up something, here are some fantastic fantasticals who lurk around the Spo-house.


Baku   The Baku was created by the gods after all the other animals were made, using the leftover parts. His diet consists of bad dreams. In Japan if a child has a nightmare they are told to call on The Baku to come take away their bad dream. The Baku is often put aside a sleeping child sort of like a teddy bear or night light. Mine does pretty good for I seldom have bad dreams, which are usually about being attacked by fantastic beasts.

Location:  Bedroom dresser


Earl Imp  This michevious sprite likes to plop himself down in cups of hot water when your back is turned. His trousers are full of tea leaves which turns the water brown as he relaxes. It’s a bit unappetizing to consider but he does make a splendid cuppa.

Location: Among the tea things.


The Mind Hag  She suddenly appears whenever I am facing a frustrating matter or a vexing problem like trying to find the corner in a round room or where on earth did I place my glasses which I can’t find as I can’t see to find them.

Location:  Urspo’s brain


Henrik The Ghost  I don’t have a good photo of him for he is a ghost after all. Understudy for Henrik The Ghost is Henrik Ibsen The Playwright, who wrote a splendid play called “Ghosts” so you can imagine.

Location: The east side of the house / on the library shelf, respectively.


The Cup Fairy  He is forever moving my mugs about and placing half-consumed containers throughout the house.  Nothing gives him pleasure more, unless you count shifting about the car keys.

Location: oh lordy he and his cohorts are everywhere.


Urs Truly  Technically he is not a fantastic beast but a psychiatrist (Board Certified). He’s a nice fellow really; please don’t feed him buns and things.

Location: Dunno. He doesn’t sit still long in the same spot.