Hello Harper here

The Friend Beast went away all day and yesterday leaving me home with The Other Dog. He’s an odd dog for he runs around all day doing things when all dogs know day is for sleeping. He just collapsed onto the raised bed so I thought I would pat this thing for him. He could use a rest.

The Other Dog is very happy for the fellow who goes near the pond in the backyard arrived yesterday. He came with a companion. The two two-foots did something to the water for now it lights up. The Other Dog is delighted. He is taking his baths at night with a light on. I hate baths and I hate the pond. He can have it. He said out loud maybe to me the light turns color whatever that is. He also says some gibberish it is like an. He is a strange animal thats for sure.

He also made things in the food area but he didn’t give me nothing. He says they are banana muffins which doesn’t smell edible. I like meaty things. He says he doesn’t eat rubbish but I don’t mind some rubbish especially if there is cheese.

He is a good dog for we go regularly on sniff-patrol although it is hot now. My poop is precious for he collects it all and brings it home to put into the green bucket outside with the others in his collection.

Tomorrow is a full day of smelling things pooping and sleeping and getting The Other Dog to give me treats. I think he should sit and not run around so.

Harper 31