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Any Spo-fans still around? I hope so. I miss you.

I can not remember being this sick. The last time I felt this depleted was a case of mono back in college days. There is something amazing in the complete implosion of energy – and desire – to do anything.  How bizarre to have absolutely no appetite or interest in food and fluids. Needless to say, I’ve lost a lot of weight. Normally I am around 80 kilos; yesterday I weighted in at 75.

I’ve missed a week of work, although I do what I can via the internet. Other than obligatory matters I am too tired to do anything.

The Good Doctor is on holiday so I saw a couple of RNs. The first one was useless telling me I probably had a virus and I should drink more fluids. Thank you very much. The second was more aggressive; she’s done some tests (results pending) to rule out this, that, and the other.

Alas, it is ‘merely a virus’ and there is nothing to do but wait.

As a consequence of having no energy or desire to do anything, all activities are canceled. This includes going on-line, checking apps, social media, and podcasts. Pulling the plug on the world for a week is unsettling. When Someone is away,  the house is (for once) nearly completely quiet, leaving only the sound of the AC and Harper’s breathing.

After seven days I think I have taken a turn to the good. I am beginning to eat. It is less difficult to force fluids (which is mostly Pedialyte and nasty Gatorade). I can sit up for little while.

Thank you for reading.
I hope I can get back to the usual scribbles soon.


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