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sick-bearIt’s a dry heat in Phoenix and a slow mend for Urs Truly. I look a fright from too quick a weight loss. I feel as weak as a cup of china tea. However I am again able to keep down fluids and foodstuffs.


The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections has sent daily deputations inquiring into my health, eager to see me recover soon or drop dead whichever. I sense they are a bit disappointment to discover I’m now on the mend. I am not going on the cart. Alas, Rome wasn’t built in a day and Naples wasn’t rebuilt in a fortnight. It will take time to feel something near normal.

Meanwhile, Spo-reflections pushes on. Thems in charge want a thumping-good entry, something to bring back visits and send comments sky-rocketing.  Fat chance of that. My brain’s bandaged.

bg_goldfish_320On the rationale anything edible is probably better than nothing at all, I had an early birthday gift to myself: Someone got me a parcel of Goldfish crackers. I’ve had them in my lap and munch’d and munch’d and munch’d.  They taste about the same as I remember. Funny, the ‘pizza’ flavored crackers don’t taste like ‘pizza’ but like Goldfish pizza crackers. I have never ate anything ‘pizza’ flavored that came close to tasting like an actual pizza.

I am coming out of severe fluid deprivation and what do I want?: diuretic-like libations.  I sorely miss a cup of tea. I suspect even a small cup would do me a world of good. However the nurse told me not to drink anything caffeinated lest it act like a diuretic and worsen the situation. Yet, the internet tells me today is National Iced Tea Day! Oh the pain.  Patience grasshopper.


Someone is volunteering to usher tonight at the local children’s theatre. I think they are doing either “The Wizard of Oz” or “The Trojan Women.”  Out of sheer boredom it would be nice to have a snort and listen to “Stuff you missed in history” and pass out but I shan’t do anything of the sort.

The one positive part of checking out for a week is missing the  entire Comey vs. Trump matter. I see Hair Furor is still on the throne, so much for that hope. Spo-fans are welcome to summarize what happened provided you don’t snap a tether doing so.



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