journalwritingSometimes when I open up a blank page upon which to write I sense I am walking into a virtual conference room in which everyone has been waiting for me, eager that I start my lecture on this, that, or the other.  Sometimes this sensation isn’t a conference room but a stage; the audience applauses politely and I am supposed to start my routine. The Late Barbara Holland counseled this is exactly not the approach one takes when writing viz. anticipating what your audience wants. Rather, she wrote, I should write what I will and the right audience will arrive.

The ghosts or spirits of several writers also leap up whenever I wish to write something. * Having too many coaches is an embarrassment of riches and too much of a good thing.  I am still recovering from seven days of illness, so my powers are somewhat under a cloud. The Muses did not bother to visit me in my sick days so I don’t have anything witty or profound to put out – yet.

I am itching to write a king-size-titanic-unsinkable-Molly Brown entry but don’t have the content despite all my literary cheerleaders (not to mention a bellicose Board demanding such).  I guess I will tell everyone one in my Psyche to lay off for while so I can get my own perspective and insight.

Last time I wrote on a mawkish uninspired topic the comments soared. There is irony to it all.


*Most of these dead poets are content to give advice but a few want more. Dickens wants to give me dictation. One or two of them (like David Barry) remonstrate they are not actually dead and if they are going to inspire I should send them royalties.