Last night it was cool enough to turn off the AC and open the windows to let in some outside fresh air. I should put the adjective word ‘fresh’ in air quotes for there is no such thing here in the Valley of the Sun at this time of year. All the same it was a delicious dolce far niente to feel naturally cooled air. Alas this is not too last. The weather forecast states next week the high temperature will be 47C. I am new to the Celsius system but 47 doesn’t sound right or good.

Between now and the end of September the AC system will be working allegro non troppo so I better keep on top of the filters. During these months of high use they get dirty rawther quickly, going from pure white to a tenebrous gray in no time. Changing them is no small feat. One (meaning I) has to drag in from the garage the extension ladder, get it unfolded and erect, and somehow manage to climb (air filter in hand) without falling and breaking ones neck.  In the ceiling behind the air filters lurk large dark openings the size of sandworms.  I have to turn off the AC lest they suddenly come on during a changing process and I am sucked down (up) the rabbit hole with visions of Augustus Glump from Willy Wonka-land going to the fudge room.  Oh the hazards of homeowner living.

Despite the hazards of the job, there is a quiet satisfaction of sensing the AC is running with clean filters and the house miasma is being removed with every onset.   Perhaps I am being penny-wise and pound-foolish that I should get in the AC fellow for an annual inspection of the system.  Alas, I don’t quite trust the man who always seems to be wanting me to buy replacements and upgrades. In this way he is like my dentist – I want a teeth cleaning only please and hold the offer of new caps and whitening etc.  He was really out for my interests he would bring me a fresh pack of air filters and install them quick as a quarter note thank you very much.

Tonight I will sleep under a constant flow of the AC-air, brought through clean filters and all is well – or at least well enough until it is 47C.