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Or – “Cosmic truths I’ve learned from Life.”

There is truth and then there is Truth. Truth with a little ’t’ encompasses mundane facts such as it is 105-120F here in PHX and tea is lovely hot or cold.[1]  Big Truth is a little ticklish to define. Thanks to the modern four horsemen of the apocalypse[2] Truth is getting harder and harder to define and determine.

It dawns on me next month I get double-nickels for my age. I thought I was turning 54 or just 53.  I thought I would try to write down everything I know for sure – or almost positive about – that is Truth, prior to my next birthday and share them with the Spo-fans. [3] I can think I’ve come up with about two dozen. So – I will post a series of “Urspo tells u the Truth” entries until one of the following occurs:

a– I get them all down.

b– Spo-fans grow bored and I panic and redo “Walking the Dog”.

c – The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections threatens bodily injury if I don’t change the subject right now.


#1 – Hard choices: easy life; easy choices: hard life. 

When I think back on regrets or what I could have done, I see most of it was because I took the easy way out or was trying to avoid strife.  I’ve learned it isn’t our actions that do damage as our inactions. Now I tell my patients who won’t leave a toxic job or relationship or forgo an inimical habit “What is the cost of your inaction?”  In other words “sticking to the devil you know than the one you don’t know” is rubbish – or at least rubbish most of the time when in doubt do it.

#2 – Everything you know is wrong.

Well perhaps not everything but I think it is a good assumption to assume you don’t have the answers all the time. Even the most staunch of convictions need periodi re-examination for nonsense and clap-trap.  Indeed, whenever I have a conviction or run into someone with one I immediately become skeptical. Mind! This does not mean disbelieving everything. That isn’t being stoical that is being nihilistic.  The later sounds good but it is was and lazy pyrite; it is like that of an actress on stage imitating a cheap pain.

#3 – Okra was never meant to be eaten.

I don’t think it is really a food actually. If you have to do something with it so much in order to make it digestible than it ain’t worth it.

#4 – I am no longer 40.

See #2.  I often feel and want to think I am really just a young man with something rather wrong with him. Next month I may write out a series of post-its with “55” on them and put them up so I am reminded to get out and do things before it becomes ’66’.

#5 – Laughter is good medicine.

Water may be ‘the great solvent’ but ‘laughter is the best medicine’. Laughter is effervescent grace.  Find some absurdity and humor in everything, no matter how sour the situation.  When in doubt watch a Marx Brothers movie. Take the advice of Binky. [4]

That’s enough Truth for today. Try and tell as many people as you can in town.


[1] Do not dare to question this.

[2] The internet, politics, the media, and Hair Furor.

[3] Be appreciative. People spends months waiting to see me and shell out some bucks to hear this stuff.

[4]   Unknown

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