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I am laying of writing about Truth for today as it is too hot to be worried about such things and besides you have had enough profound imperial tidbits to last for awhile.

insanity Well we did it. While driving home from work my intrepid Elantra (red) registered 50C as the outside temperature. I haven’t looked up what this is in Fahrenheit. It’s bloody hot. Poor Harper, she doesn’t understand it is too much for walks. Her paws would burn and our stillsuits are on the fritz. Just try telling that to a pooch. It is supposed to be back down to cool 40C by the end of the week.

Aaron the pool-master did not show today. I hope he didn’t drop dead from dehydration doing his duties. I think it most sensible of him to delay service until later when it is not so fervid. The pool looks lovely and limpid but isn’t too refreshing; it feels a bit like bath water left too long out. Still it is better than nothing. Coming out of the pool into no humidity makes for instance evaporation and a brief chill – in 40-50C !

I had a mild headache all day due to the heat or I forgot to take my blood pressure pill. Sans felodipine my systolic shots higher than a rocket; I thought it prudent to forgo the gym lest I have a stroke. I would be an ignominious end indeed to drop on the ellipictal machine and everyone assume the old guy couldn’t take the heat.  Oh the embarrassment.  I never seem to get out the door with 100% everything. Someone once proposed I have a checklist just inside the garage door.  I may take this up.

You will be happy to know I have finished my editing of the blog prior to publication into book form.  I want a paper copy of my industry in case there is a nasty ransomware attack or WordPress decides to go belly up.  Next step is to find an impartial publisher. I tried this once before a few years ago, but the on-line service agent apparently went into hysterics after reading my earlier work and they wouldn’t commit.  Stirges.

I also completed my cookbook; this one won’t be so expensive to print.  I worry if the publisher of the cookbooks bothers to look for copyrighted photos or recipes.  I am fairly certain none of my maternal relations will sue me for infringement.  Mother reminded me to print the proper recipes I got from her. She sometimes adds an extra ingredient to her dishes, something not written down in the official ‘public domain’ shared recipe card to ascertain hers will stand out as better/different. This is as close to mendacity and ‘evil’ as my mother gets unless you count the time she said a disparaging word about an aunt.  With such as dysfunctional background it is amazing I have any scruples at all.

21 July marks the time in the zodiac of Cancer the crab. I am a crab; Someone tells me so. In general Cancer men are giant blackholes of endless emotional needs who (like the crab) approach you laterigrade and vociferate causing you to play twenty questions with them trying to get out what it is they are asking. Cancer men actually believe if you truly loved them etc. you would know what they want and to ask directly for it somehow diminishes its value. Best is to give him something to eat and something to drink (no rubbish) and tell him everything will be OK.  Cancers are nice folks, well over four feet. Please don’t feed them buns and things.

OK, back to Truth tomorrow.

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