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8f3d36dbf8bef0228aba29b1b41fdcba--clear-acrylic-martinis  The Lovely Neighbor has one month to pack up and get out of her now sold house. Every time we interact with her we get a ‘parting gift’. Yesterday she came over to use the fax machine and I received a set of cocktail swizzle-sticks with olives on them (how jolly).

She recently offered to give us the king-sized bed that was in the master bedroom neither she nor her later mother have used in a decade. It would save her the trouble of having to haul it to Virginia where it would no doubt just go into storage as she plans to live with her children for awhile.


The bed is in excellent condition; the mattress is like new. The iron sides and ‘canopy’ have the advantage of hanging things on it like trousers and bathrobes. I can see holiday decorations hanging and intertwined in the bars above.

This modest proposal has us thinking.

In the Spo-house is a queen-sized bed (master bedroom), a twin (guest room), and a futon (Henrik’s room).  A king-sized bed would probably make all the beds move over a room knocking out the futon to Craig’s list or charity.

I’ve never slept in a king-sized bed. When I’ve encountered them in hotels they give me a bit of unease. I feel silly taking up such a tiny amount of space with so much wasted. Having a king-sized bed might mitigate the nightly unconscious ‘battle’ for space in the queen. Harper always sleeps on my side. Sometimes when she becomes ensconced I go and sleep in the guest in the twin. The king would give the three of us all the personal space necessary for Midwesterners to feel they are sleeping alone. There is also the asset of having space to roll around as we toss and turn and not slap each other or squash the dog.

Yet, to put a king-size-titanic-unsinkable-molly-brown bed in the master bedroom takes up more space but puts it at odds with the rest of the bedroom furniture.  If that is important.

Someone plans to takes measurements and perhaps make little models to see how well this trickle-down theory of beds would work. I daresay we may have to give up some furniture at the other end and I don’t think Henrik would mind the brass bed (which is better than a futon anyway).

Anyway we have a few weeks to decide. To help out, we can always take it disassembled and either set it up or put it up for sale.


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