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I don’t usually covet material matters. Indeed, I am trying to get rid of things, not accumulate more. I also like to think myself not a greedy person.  With that said my birthday is coming up. Birthdays conjure up The Child complex who has strict rules about the proper form for the celebration of holidays and birthdays.  Ask any child (including my inner one) what does one do on ones birthday and the top answer is ‘Birthday presents”.

This Friday I go to Flagstaff to join Brother #2 and family for a weekend. We will have a fine meal. This is quite fine/enough birthday for The Ego who recognizes my age as 55yo (oh the pain!) but The Child Complex thinks this is certainly NOT a proper birthday – for it lacks Birthday Prizes. As I can’t count on my relations to provide a pony, I will have to get a few concrete prizes myself to appease the poor little lad so keen on propiety.

As it is a road trip, The(birthday) Child will get some goodies seen purchased at gas stations. Gummi Bears and slushy drinks that turn the tongue blue should appease the kid – for a while. Pringles are nice as they can be snarfed down without getting ones fingers greasy. Afterwards the empty cylinder makes for a fun ersatz Punch & Judy bat to swat Someone on the leg.*

I will probably buy some tunes from Itunes if I can ever remember my password.

We are staying at the fabulous Starlight Pines B&B so I hope my chum and boniface Richard ‘puts out’ as it were with some sort of sweet with a candle on it. It’s a mawkish desire but nothing beats blowing out a candle to make a wish on one’s birthday to sooth even the most demanding Child Complex on the proper celebration of birthdays.

This makes a lovely birthday < food, good cheer, family, no Phoenix heat, and a couple of childlike indulgences to mark the day.

Later that night as a transitional object from Child to Ego, I will have a large bag of jalapeno Kettle chips with Knob Hill bourbon oh what a lovely snack combination. This beats ice cream and cake by a country mile.



*This is usually good for one whap only. The shows ends abruptly.


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