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insanityWednesday has started off with a series of bungles that need immediate attention. I am supposed to have this Friday off but I am horrified to see I am booked solid from 745AM to 5PM. Either I forgot to request this day off or The House Manager didn’t pass on the announcement to the scheduling staff.  While I figure out who to blame The Wonder Receptionist needs to call twenty-five people to tell them their flight’s been canceled. I feel sorry for the new ones who have been waiting some time to meet me.  Oh the pain.

InsanityYesterday while trying to tidy-up around the internet I managed to mess up my passwords now I can’t get into anywhere. I am seriously thinking of going back to the ‘one password to rule them all’ approach rather than the dozen individual passwords I can’t remember. Oh the embarrassment.

My birthday prize to myself is purchased: a bottle of Knob’s Hill bourbon and a bag of Jalapeno potato chips. The latter is sitting on the cupboard daring me to wait until Friday. I shall have willpower although I may still ask Someone to hide it somewhere where I won’t be tempted.  Oh the joy.

Speaking of prizes, yesterday I decided to throw out the coffee beans I received at insanityChristmas time. I am not an expert on grinding beans but I daresay after seven months they aren’t any good. Yesterday I bought a bag of pre- ground coffee. I have a discriminating palate for tea but not for coffee; coffee tastes like coffee, especially after I dump Stevia and milk into it.* I think write Mr. Trudeau and ask him to send me a bag of Tim Hortons coffee. Better yet I will contact the handsome hombres at The Receiver Coffee Company on PEI and ask them send me some of theirs. Meanwhile I do with Dunkin Donuts, which is what Father uses, which is another example of how we turn into our parents. Oh the horror.



*One exception: Starbucks. I can tell the difference with this one. SB coffee tastes like someone extinguished a burning stick in it.


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