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Greetings from Flagstaff !

We’ve escaped the hellish heat of Phoenix and have gone to Flagstaff. Last night we actually slept with the windows open. Oh the joy!  Richard, our boniface at The Starlight Pines Bed and Breakfast, is busy making breakfast. He is well over four feet.  He constantly nags for Xanax but I gave him a Spo-shirt instead.

Later today Brother #2 and family arrive for a week’s holiday. They have never been to Flagstaff.  Richard has the joy of hosting a full house of Spos. Someone and Urs Truly are in the Dragonfly Room, Brother and Sister-in-law in The Peacock Room,  and The monster nephews in The Lily Room. Not only are the boys well over four feet, they are well over six foot. They bring with them her mother. She’s on the main floor so she doesn’t have to maneuver the stairs.  A house full of excited Spos can be quite boisterous. Richard just may need that Xanax.

What is more marvelous than waking up on a summer morning with no plans?  Until the callithump of relations arrive, Someone and I have nothing to do and no desire to do anything. We could go hiking – or shopping or whatever. We could sit on the porch all day and read if we fancy.  I can think of no better arrangement.  This must be what retirement feels like.

I call this indolence “Having a Jordan day”.  Years ago I had a patient named Jordon (not his real name of course) who entered into analysis at his wife’s insistence to find out what was the matter with him. He didn’t want to do anything; perhaps he was depressed. It turns out he was content to bum around, sit by the bank and fish. His wife – let’s call her Mrs. Jordan – wanted him to join groups, attend lectures, contribute to boards, and travel.  She saw his lack of activity/growth/networking as ‘wrong’.

I think there is far too much Mrs. Jordan energy running around these days making us run down and guilt-ridden when all we really want is to do the crossword puzzle.  Growth and social intercourse are good things but let’s not lose the value of Jordan Days.  There is goodness and healing for mere Being.

With that said, after we have our breakfast we will turn to each other and ask what does the other want to do. Both will say I dunno what do you want to do and so forth until something is settled. It may be mere sitting and reading. I am all for that. And if my inner Mrs. Jordan starts a fuss I plan to put a pie her in her puss.



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